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Wivid is graphic design crafted from the mind of Sergii Hohlov. I simply never liked the fact of naming the studio after myself :) Setting forth as an ambitious and experienced designer, I try to create ideas and concepts that will always work in perspective. By obtaining the knowledge through graphic design element on how to stay above short-time trends is the key to running a successful brand and product for years to come.


Wivid purely creates a bold and elegant fit for all of your graphic design work by taking inspiration from the client and the experience of myself. I look deep at your goals from the inside out and offer graphic design solutions which can further be developed and evolved into anything a client may desire. I guarantee an individualistic approach to each project, an extremely quick turn around and the best professional client support. I'm confident with what I do as much as confident that I'll take your brand and projects to the next level.

I review every request and do my best to reach the perfect solution within your goals and budget. No project is too small or too large, every idea is worthy and deserves to be taken to higher standards.

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